Miniature Golf 

One Round:                     Adult-$8       Children 12 & under-$6       Children 5 & under-Free

One-Day Unlimited:       Adult-$12    Children 12 & under-$10     Children 5 & under-Free

Batting Cages 

Tokens:        16 Pitches-$1.50       36 Pitches-$3        64 Pitches-$5

Hourly:        1/2 Hour-$20             1 Hour-$35

Coaches call about a free 1/2 hour for your teams!


1 Token-$0.25

Play Loft 

Free with any purchase

Escape Rooms

1/2 Hour:          Jail Break-$15

1 Hour:             Stabbing Cabin-$25           Uncle Tick Tock’s Circus-$25

Mobile Rentals:            Call or email The Party Barn for more information on our Escape Room Rentals.

Coming Soon

Zombie Escape & Zombies of the Bayou

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