Field Trips and Fundraisers

We LOVE hosting field trips and the students really enjoy trips to The Party Barn.

Field Trip Attractions are: mini-golf, batting cages, arcade tokens, Jail Break the escape room and our new water field.

pick any attraction for $5.

Choose 2 attractions for $9 per student. (example golf and water field).

Choose 3 attractions for  $12 per student.  (example tokens, golf, water field).

Choose 4 Attraction for 4 $15 per student (example escape room, tokens, golf, water field).

Enjoy all 5 attractions for only $18 per student.


Add a meal voucher for $5 per student to any package.

Meal options include:Breaded Chicken (bbq, spicy or plain) w/fries , Nachos, 2 slices of pizza, Hot Dog and chips, or Burger and fries with a drink.

*All field trip options also include unlimited access to our 3 story indoor play-loft.  To qualify for Field Trip pricing you must have a group of 18 or more and book in advance.

To book a fieldtrip please call Heather May at 985-687-3899

Or email The Party Barn at .


Fundraising with The Party Barn is FREE, EASY and FUN Call Heather May 985-687-3899 to discuss the best fundraising options for your organization.