Escape Rooms

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At The Party Barn we have 2 fun escape rooms:

Uncle Tic Toc’s Circus 1 hr long $25 per person.

You are set to inherent your uncles circus, but first you must show you are worthy of his pride and joy by finding the circus’s most prized possession. If you can’t solve his puzzles and earn your  inheritance before time runs out the circus travels to the next of kin.

Stabbin’ Cabin 1 hr long $25 per person.

Set in the 1980’s you and a group of friends are out camping for the weekend. When word breaks of a serial killer on the lose. Come to find out you have rented the killers cabin. Now you have to assemble the radio system and contact local authorities before the killer returns.

The Party Barn also offers Mobile Escape Rooms-

Mobile Escape rooms offer a unique private party experience. Our mobile escape rooms are able to be customized to serve as 15 min, 30 min or hour long games. Mobile escape rooms are an excellent fundraising product. They are also great team building activities. Our rooms are equipped with a competition mode that allow two teams in separate rooms to compete against not only the clock but each other.

Mobile escape room rental includes both Stabbin’ Cabin AND Uncle Tic Toc’s Circus.


1 Hour $250         + $125 each additional hour.

Delivery Fee= $50 (with in 30 mile radius from the Party Barn).

Add an additional $30 for each additional 30 miles or fraction of.

Price of mobile escape room rental includes a game master who will guide the games during duration of your rental.

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